Intro to Comm: Weekly Summary

COM 100

Week 1: Brother Thompson

 It was really nice to get a feel for the Communications department with this introductory week with Sister Scholes and Brother Thompson. I really appreciated the going into detail about the different practicum options. I had heard of Soapbox and the Scroll but wasn’t sure how to get involved or what kind of different help they needed. I think it would be a good opportunity to look into in future semesters as possibly an editor. I love that there are opportunities to use the Communciation skills we learn in our classes in a way that non-Comm major students at campus can still benefit from them through the Scroll. With Soapbox, even actual companies get help from the students who are employed there.

 Week 2: Lindsey Pence

 It was great to get a walk-through of grad plan and understand what classes needed to be taken when. It helped me realize when I needed to plan the core Communication classes and that I needed to do so earlier on so that way the requisites would be met for Comm classes more specific to my major. It was also beneficial to learn about the internship office because I’ve always wondered where to get more information about internships.

Week 3: Lane Williams

 This presentation was really interesting. One of the statistics he mentioned was that there have been 1340 journalists killed while reporting a story, if I have that right. I kind of had the feeling that I don’t really want to be a journalist because the world is pretty bleak and I don’t want to have to deal with so much negativity, however, it really seemed very noble. One thing that draws me to my current emphasis which is Strat Com (previously Advocacy) is that nobleness of bringing awareness and shedding light subjects that need to have their voices heard, and journalism is all about educating others. I also really appreciated the challenges given, specifically the invitation to be more educated and consider creating my own content. I want to start being educated so I can give back to my major and community more strongly and I want to do so by creating my own content.

Week 4: Cameron Robins/Christian Mawlam

 I used to want to be a movie director when I was a little girl, so I enjoyed the Video Production week. I think the thing that grabs my attention the most on social media and the web is images or graphics, but when a video title first of all grabs my attention but then blows me away or wows me on the subject it’s discussing, that’s when I’m impressed. It’s those videos that I remember, not the hundreds of images or photos that I see every time I turn my phone on. Knowing how to produce quality videos would be super helpful in my emphasis to get people’s attention and then help that information stick in their minds so they think about it for a while.

Week 5: James Rognon/ Brian Howard /Cory Kerr / Jason Reeder

 It was really interesting to learn about the digital and social media emphasis. I think it’s so interesting that the way that the world is turning is pushing us to marketing and establishing a social media presence. It’s also interesting that being able to use social media effectively is something that is incredibly sought after as proved in that study they did with Comm graduates. I want to be better at using social media well because I’ve been annoyed when I follow companies or organizations and am not impressed with how they spam their customers.

Week 6: Andra Hansen

I loved this week because it’s my emphasis! I really love how Sister Hansen makes it as easy as possible for her Comm students to get into Voice and help out by getting rid of the prerequisites. It provides leadership opportunities and real work experience. I love how she described the major as one that gives you the skill set to solve problems through strategically communicating with others. 

Week 7:  Eric Lybbert

Being able to visually communicate your thoughts is vital for grabbing people’s attention. We are flooded with visual communication all day with flyers, graphs, images, photography, etc which are all specifically designed to catch our eye aesthetically and then keep us because of the content and value of the message. That is vital for my major because Strategical Organization is all about promoting causes and solving problems. In order to do so, we need to draw them in and visual communication is a fantastic way to do so. 

Week 8: Public Relations

I wasn’t able to attend week 8’s presentation, but what I know about public relations is that its purpose is to help a company or organization maintain a good impression in the view of the public. This is something that is constantly maintained and is important to all emphasizes because the way you get readers, viewers, and participants for whatever your organization is does no good if that favorable reputation can’t be maintained.